#12. One Picture. One Sotry || The Pause that Arose

WARNING: Look carefully at this picture because it has so much to tell you.

source: minimalbeing


She enters the building which has now become a bank, she will withdraw money or make a bank transfer; a common action in this area or any area for that matter, nothing out of the ordinary. But what she isn't aware of is the fact; that the events that are about to happen will place a mark upon her life.

Inside you could make out sounds, sounds for some, noises for others. The sound of people talking. The usual sound of people passing over papers, people writing, people signing, or people counting money. The sound of important people, people who cannot handle that their life without money would have no meaning.

She will queue, waiting for her turn. Quiet. Thinking about what she will do next, whether she will call her mother, or perhaps her father to see how he is going on with his European tour. A trip to which she would have gone if it hadn't been for her job.

She could have gone with him. She should have gone with him. She should have made ​​that trip. She shouldn't be here, right now.

She turns her head, looks at the people around her, how they dress, what they do. That way she entertains herself, letting her imagination flow and that's how the time runs until only two people are left in the queue and soon will be her turn.

She stares at the decoration of the building, the paintings on the ceilings, the high inscripted walls and the large french-style windows.

Only one person is left, it will then be her turn.

The building is old but very well preserved. She would have liked to know in what century it was built, who built it, to run her hands along the inscripted lettering. She would have liked to stay here for more time, she would have liked to watch the painted ceilings for some more time. She would have liked to stare some more at the strange mixture of the plushy office furniture and the ancient elements of the building.

But it's her turn.

- Good morning, ma'am. - An old lady greets her, no less beautiful for that. The amount of makeup, she's wearing stands out, those thick and red lips, the pronounced cologne. Her wrinkled hands, accentuated with long neon pink nails. 'It is a work facing the public', that would be her answer if asked.

She turns to her, back to reality, and just at the same moment at which she was going to answer with a weak "Hello", just when she was about to explain to her what she needs, at that same moment a yell is heard.

Her misfortune has just begun.


#11. One Picture. One Story. || The Rain of Reconciliation

                                                img source: tumblr

    Even the best marriages hit rock bottom. One minute, you’re giggling intoxicatedly over drinks, combing your fingers through her hair, tickling her to death as she pleads for mercy , and the next, you’re burning with anger, as ready to walk out the door as you were walking out of your parents’ door, 15 years prior. The downfall comes by such surprise that the ground beneath your feet trembles and the foundations come perilously close to crumbling.

    Ever since he had opened his eyes that day, Dan had a nudging feeling at the back of his mind, the same feeling he always got when something bad was supposed to happen. His friends regarded it as his ’superpower’, but he knew better that it was a superpower or a death trap. Terming it as a false alarm, he shoved it away and got off the bed, absentmindedly prodding his feet on the sherry red carpeting, in the search for his slippers. As he turned around, Anna was still sleeping, unaware of the world and it’s business as usual. Bending, he rubbed her shoulder, in an effort to wake her up. As was the usual, she shoved him away, murmuring some unintelligible syllables, and if it was possible, buried herself even deeper among the silk covers.


#10. One Picture. One Story. || Suicidal.

No picture this time. No place to feast your eyes on except for the words that are being shared here. 

"Be brave and look at me in the eyes because I do exist, I do harm people in front of you, harm you, I do harm whole lives, whole families. I'm a bad choice even if some of you don't notice me."

 This is the tenth "One Picture. One Story", we are so happy of being part of this project, of seeing it grown to be, close to our hearts. Today we make an exception, for all those who are suffering and feeling alone, for all those who think they are alone, who think no one cares and who cry behind closed doors and hide behind long sleeves. Because we do care, your family cares, your friends care. This story we are posting here isn't ours to claim for, but since the moment we read it, we knew we had to share it. We really hope it reaches those who are in need of help, we really hope it helps them.

It's a story, heartbreaking, but a story. Source of the story: kittenzilla

Suicidal feelings.

  • Don’t ever say no one cares.